1 minute and 30 seconds to promote the new Scarlett Johansson movie, Black Widow


I posed The Marvel Company A new trailer for the Superheroes movie Black WidowFor actress Scarlett Johansson, the video also revealed the first look at the new villain TaskmasterThe film is scheduled to be released on May 1 of the year 2020, and Marvel decided to work with Johansson again on the character, after she achieved great success through her role in the series Avengers, In the role of the Russian Intelligence Girl, for four parts.

Movie Black Widow Starring Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pogue, Robert Downey Jr., Rachel Wise, David Harbor, William Hurt, Ray Winston, T.V. Wagnabel, Michelle Lee, Oliver Richers, Ahmed Bakir, Yolanda Linz, Jade Ma, Nana Blondell, China West.

The film begins at birth, when Natasha Romanova is given to the KGB Foundation, which qualifies her psychologically and physically to be one of the superheroes, and then the government tries to kill her.

On the other hand, this film is the first of Scarlett Johansson films in which she plays a starring role about her personality in the events of the Avengers series, and she is the only one of the heroes of the work that did not do so after the end of the series. Scarlett, whose company was content with appearing in the previous film events without having a single film about her personality, which makes the film expected by many of its fans, especially after her death within the events of the last part of avengers.

World actor Robert Downey returns to the world of Marvel again after his death in the last scene of a movie avengers endgame, To embody the audio performance of the series entitled what if Showcasing via the new digital platform Disney +.

Downey will play Tony Stark in the rescue of Earth in the last movie scene avengers endgame Complementing the famous Avengers series, according to reports published by international media about the new series.


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