10 days after the villa’s accident, the most prominent thing Nancy Ajram said


06:27 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:
Several developments witnessed the case of the murder of the Nancy Ajram villa, this incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, January 5, when one of the masked men attacked the “Nancy” villa in the New Sehaila area of ​​Mount Lebanon Governorate.

The accident resulted in the death of the “masked”, with 17 rounds, by her husband, Dr. Fadi al-Hashem, according to what he said and what was stated in the video that he was in a state of legitimate defense for his family.

After his arrest for two days, the Appeal Public Prosecutor, Ghada Aoun, decided to release “Al-Hashem” while preventing him from traveling, but the case witnessed a major development today, after “Aoun” decided to charge the premeditated murder of Al-Hashem.

Since the accident, Nancy made several statements, the first of which was hours after the accident inside her home, on Lebanese MTV.

“Nancy,” she said on Sunday, January 5, that she is fine, and the important thing is that her family is fine, what the family went through is difficult, and the most important thing now is to stay next to her family, and I thanked everyone who communicated with her.

Two days later, on January 7, Nancy Ajram gave a press conference, in which she said: “I thank everyone who reassures us, and I thank the judiciary who did justice to us.”

About her appearing with her foot under her foot, she said: “I did not feel the blood until after the incident ended, and I do not know what the cause is, it could be that shrapnel was caused by the accident.”

During the conference, “Nancy” denied her knowledge of the identity of the dead man, and confirmed that she and her husband did not know him and did not work in their house, stressing that she did not wish everything would happen, and offered condolences to his family.

She continued: “Fadi is a father, husband and human being, and he has responsibilities, and whoever criticizes him puts himself in his place, how he behaves, and a masked man breaks into his house, carries a weapon and threatens him.”

She explained that she heard a strange sound inside the villa, and she told “Fadi” so he went out and did not hear it except when he said: “With you who wanted you,” she entered the bathroom carrying her phone and called her father to tell him that there was a thief in her house.

Then Nancy published through her official account on Twitter and Instagram, “a post” in which she said: “By thanking everyone who has confidence in me and my family, God does not try anyone and what degrades you with a difficult experience, and keeps you and your families away from every danger.”

Nancy then did not comment on what is being circulated, but she usually retweet the “tweets” of support and support and videos about the incident, through her Twitter account by her followers and a number of her fellow artists, and she also retweeted a video of the “dead man”, and a video To him as he “explores” the villa.



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