10 information about Barcelonas new coach Kiki Seten


What do you know about the new Barcelona coach

Alaa El-Sherbiny

January 14, 2020

Barcelona announced that he had signed Kiki Cetten to take over the club with a contract for two and a half seasons until June 2022.

The Catalan club, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeo, decided to get rid of coach Ernesto Valverde after falling 2-3 in front of Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final.

Citin is the last coach to beat Barcelona in the League at Camp Nou when Betis beat him 4-3 on November 11, 2018.

Citin is expected to lead his first training on Tuesday evening, but before that you will have 10 information about the new Barcelona coach:

1- New Barcelona coach Kiki Sittin started his soccer career by playing beach soccer, and Cettin played in the Spanish national football team jersey.

2- Citin nickname “Maestro” during his football career, and is considered one of the best players of his generation, he played 12 seasons at Racing Santander, while his journey as a coach began with the Cantabrian Club and ascended them from degree to degree, and coached several clubs such as Las Palmas and Betis, Because of curiosity, the Guinea team coached a match.

3- Spaniard Cettin became the third coach to lead Barcelona from the Cantabrian region after Enrique Urizla (1961) and Loriano Ruiz (1976).

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4- Citin as a player challenged Barcelona 22 times, won 5, drew 5, and lost 12, and in 22 meetings he scored two goals, the first in the 1990/91 season and the second in the 1994/95 season.

5- Citin took over the training of a number of former Barcelona players such as: Bartra, Wilfred Kaptom, Cristiano Teo, Antonio Sanbria, Hillelowitz and Prince Boateng. As for the current players, Junior Verbo was trained in Betis, who is a player joining the Catalan club last summer for 18 million euro.

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6- Cettin has always praised Leo Messi’s superstitious capabilities and considered him, he says, “the best player in history” and always asserts that it is impossible to stop a player with Messi’s abilities.

7- Citicin faced Barcelona as a coach 7 times, lost 6 and triumphed only once, and this victory was on the Camp Nou in a match that was within the Spanish League 2018/19 season.

8- One day when he visited the Camp Nou stadium, the second captain of the Catalan team, Sergey Busquets, gave his shirt to him and wrote on it: “Kiki Sittin with love and great admiration the way football plays.”

9 – Kiki Sittin loves chess a lot, and he has shown this in funny situations, such as his challenge to world champion Karpov.

10- His 24-year-old son Laro Sittin plays in Saint Andrew in the Spanish third division competition.

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