10 numbers achieved in Al-Ahly’s victory over Tanta: “Kahraba” repeats the “Aboutrika” scenario


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A landslide victory achieved by Al-Ahly at the expense of its fifth-seeded Tanta counterpart, in a match hosted by the Cairo Stadium, in the thirteenth round competitions of the Egyptian Premier League.

Al-Ahly continued Twitter alone at the top of the league with 33 points, while Tantas balance at point 10 was frozen in the penultimate position in the table.

In this report, we monitor 10 numbers achieved in Al-Ahly’s broad victory over Tanta.

1- Al-Ahly just launched its distinguished start in the Premier League in the 2005-2006 season during his career this season, achieving victory in 11 games in a row at the start of his career in the competition, while the record was registered in the name of Al-Ahli as the best start in the league with 17 consecutive victories in a season 2004-2005.

2- Marwan Mohsen scores his 40th goal in his career in the Premier League, and his nineteenth goal in Al-Ahly’s shirt in all competitions.

3- Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim «Kahraba» repeats the scenario of the former Al-Ahly star, Mohamed Aboutrika, where they each started their goals in the red shirt with a double in the window of Tanta.

4- Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba raises his balance of contributing to the goals in his career in the league to the number 50, he scored his 31 goal and made the 19 goal, and he scored his eighth in his history with stadiums with clubs and teams.

5- Al-Ahly records the sixteenth five years in its career with all official tournaments and competitions in the current century, and the second in the state of Swiss Rene Weiler, coach of the team, after its investigation in the Aswan meeting.

6- Once again, Al-Ahly beat Tanta on the fifteenth of January, and it won the sons of Al-Sayed Al-Badawi on the same day in 1957 with two goals to one goal, in the first match on the date of the two sides ’confrontations.

7 – Despite winning five, but it is not the biggest result in the history of the two sides’ confrontations. Al-Ahly beat Tanta by a clean sixth in the second round of the 1975-1976 season.

8- Ahmed Al-Sheikh scores the 33rd goal for him in his Premier League history and the 13th goal for him in Al-Ahly’s shirt in all competitions.

9- Hussein Al-Shahat scored his 15th goal in Al-Ahly’s shirt since his arrival in January last year, and the 21st goal in his career in the league.

10- Tanta continues without victory in the history of its confrontations with Al-Ahly in all competitions during 25 games, receives its No. 20 loss against the Red Team, and its nets receive Goal No. 52.


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