11 nominations for “The Joker” at the Oscar 2020


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The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts announced yesterday, its nominations for the Academy Awards at its 92nd session, for the best cinematic works presented in 2019, which are announced by the winners at a grand ceremony held at the Kodak Theater on February 10, and it is presented by Hollywood stars without Use the main presenter of the ceremony.

“John Cho” and “Iza Rai” announced the names of the winners through live videos broadcast by the academy through its official website.

The movie “The Joker” topped the nominations with 11 nominations, among them the best film, actor and director, followed by “Irish” and “1917” and “Once in Hollywood” with 10 nominations, each, then “Jojo Rabbit” and “Little Women”, and A “marriage story” and a parasite with 6 nominations each.

And competing for the award for the best movie 9 films: “Irish”, “Joker”, “Ford vs. Ferrari”, “Jojo Rabbit” and “1917”, “Little Women” and “Marriage Story” Story, “Once in Hollywood”, and “Parasite”, a very fierce competition, especially since some of these films recently won Golden Globe Awards and American Critics’ Choice Awards.

And competing for the prize for the best director, “Martin Scorsese” for “The Irish” and “Todd Phillips” for “The Joker”, “Sam Mendes” for “1917”, “Quentin Tarantino” for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, And “Bong Joon Ho”, because the academy was criticized for the lack of diversity and the lack of representation of women in the directing candidates, in light of the presence of a strong competitor this year by the director “Greta Groening” for the movie “Little Women”, but she was not among the candidates.

And for the Best Actor award, “Antonio Banderas” competes for “Pain and Glory”, “Leonardo DiCaprio” for “Once in Hollywood”, “Adam Driver” for “Marriage Story”, and “Wakin Phoenix” About the “Joker” and “Jonathan Price” on the “Al-Babawan”, and although the “Wakin” opportunity appears closest, especially since he won him the Golden Globe awards and the critics ’choices, the competition appears fierce between him and De Cabrio.

The same fierce competition is being contested by a number of stars for the award for Best Actress, and Renee Zeloger appears closest to winning for Judy, who recently won for him Golden Globe Awards and critics’ choices, and Cynthia Evario for Harriet and Scarlett Johansen »on“ marriage story ”,“ Cyrus Ronan ”on“ young women ”, and“ Charles Theron ”on Bombshell.

And for the Best Supporting Actor award, “Tom Hanks” competes for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” “Anthony Hopkins” for “The Popes”, “Al Pacino” for “The Irish” and “Joe Bessi” for the same film, and ” Brad Pitt for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, and for the Best Supporting Actress award, “Cathy Bates” competes for Richard Jewell, “Laura Dern” for Marriage Story, “Scarlett Johansson” for Jojo Rabbit, and “Florence Bog” About Little Women, and Margot Robbie about Bombshell. The competition for the best documentary film witnessed the participation of two Syrian films, “The Cave” directed by Firas Fayyad, which tracks the daily life of five doctors working in an underground hospital called “The Cave”, and it serves 400 thousand civilians in the city of Ghouta during the period from 2012 to 2018, along with “To Sama”, a film by Syrian director Waed Al-Khatib, during which she recounts her experience and her child after 5 years of war in Syria.

And the prize for best foreign-language film competes with Pain and Glory films by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, French Les Miserables directed by “Ledge Li”, Macedonian Honeyland directed by “Tamara Kotvieska”, Parasite by Korean director “Pong Joon Ho” and Corpus Christi directed by Polish “Jan Komasa” ». And while Netflix’s Roma released last year’s award nominations, critics ’expectations for the Irish film topping the same grid for awards are not certain, given the few awards the film has won in the recent period.


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