130 million dollars from Russia to produce a lunar module of a new generation


The Russian “Ross Cosmos” Foundation intends to employ more than 8 billion rubles (about 132 million dollars) to manufacture the manned “Lunar” Lunar spacecraft from a new generation produced in batches, this came on the website of the Russian government for sales, and the site said that the Russian company “Energya” It took over the production of two models of the vehicle. One of them will become a model for testing the heavy “Angara-A5” missile that it will carry in 2023 into Earth’s orbit. It will also be used to test the Yeniseh super-heavy missile in 2028, according to Russia Today.

The second “Oriole” model is a real manned lunar module to transport astronauts to the moon’s orbit, and the Ross Cosmos Foundation intends in 2021 to invest 8.1 billion rubles to produce that spacecraft.

On the other side, the most powerful American missile ever appeared for the lunar flight while it was loaded onto a boat to be transported from Louisiana to Mississippi for testing, where the basic missile stage for the so-called “space launch system” (SLS) was built at NASA’s assembly compound complex in New Orleans, and will be It is shipped on a massive 310-meter (94 meters) boat, named “Pegasus”, up the Peal River to NASA’s Space Center in Mississippi, in preparation for its primary mission to launch for Moon 2024.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the missile will undergo a so-called “Green Run Test”, during which its engines will be launched, and then the transfer will be to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the SLS Center made a 1.3-mile trip from the Michoud factory in Louisiana, accompanied by individuals from NASA, Boeing, and Aeroite Roquetden, to the Pegasus Pier on January 8, and SLS will make the same journey along the waterways in Louisiana and Mississippi as the fifth Saturn missile did when it was sent for testing as part of the Apollo program in the 1960s and 1970s.


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