15 agricultural workers were injured in a car accident in the lake


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Fifteen people were injured in the accident of the overturning of a truckload of agricultural workers in Abu El Matamir Center in Beheira Governorate.

Major General Magdy El-Kamary, director of the lake security, received a notification from Aboul Matamir Police Station, about the overturning of a pickup truck loaded with agricultural workers on the “Abu El Matamir – Desert Road” road near Branch 4.

The accident resulted in the injury of 15 agricultural workers, all of whom resided in the village of Al-Kifah in the Badr Center, and had fractures, cuts, bruises, and scrapes, and the injured were transferred to Dar Al-Shifa Hospital in Abu al-Matamir, and one of the injured was transferred to the Abu al-Matamir Central Hospital for radiology.

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