15 thousand fans in the second round league matches


The Football Association officials are discussing with security leaders during the last period to increase the number of fans in the upcoming matches of the league and the Egypt Cup and work to unify the numbers of fans in all matches and attempts are being made to start with 15 thousand fans in any match, to increase gradually until the stands return to their nature and full stadiums, especially after generalizing an experiment Thefan Id And the entry of the fans with the system “My Ticket”, which facilitates the task of security and stadium security in detecting any fans coming out of the text during the matches in addition to equipping the stadiums with surveillance cameras inside the stadium and stands.

The most dangerous Egyptian Football Association Tanta Club officials In the presence of 500 fans for the upcoming Al-Ahly match in the Egyptian League championship, following the agreement that the club coaches attended with the security authorities during the past period, there were 3 thousand fans of the Al-Ahly Club, members of the General Assembly, 1500 fans from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and 500 fans of the Tanta Club, members of the General Assembly.

Tanta officials began collecting the names of the fans who want to attend the match by revealing to know their number and providing some means of transportation for them to go to Cairo Stadium on Wednesday.

The Tanta team is preparing to meet Al-Ahly in the thirteenth round matches of the Egyptian League championship, scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 15 of this month, which will be held at Cairo International Stadium .. The Tanta team occupies the fifteenth place in the table of the Egyptian league championship ranking with 10 points.

On the other hand, Sherif Ikrami, the team’s goalkeeper, returns to a very large percentage for the team’s list in the Tanta match after his absence from the team’s past games and training due to the injury he suffered in the obese muscle and subsequently underwent a rehabilitation program for several days..

Sharif Ikrami is scheduled to return to the team training that the team will go through after returning from Zimbabwe to be ready for the Tanta match next Wednesday, especially as the pains that he suffered from the past period in the obesity have almost disappeared in a way that made him eligible to participate in team training and then the matches.


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