19 Erdogan’s mercenaries killed in Libya


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced the killing of 19 Syrian mercenaries in Libya, who were sent by Turkey to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government in Tripoli. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Turkey sent 3,250 mercenaries from Syria to fight alongside the Libyan reconciliation government in Tripoli, 19 of whom were killed.

The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, had confirmed the killing of 3 members of Erdogan’s mercenaries in the battles taking place in Libya, bringing the total number of deaths in the Libyan battles to 14.

Rami Abdel Rahman said, in a statement to the Africa News Portal, that according to the information obtained by the Syrian Observatory, the fighters belonged to the “Al-Hamzat” faction, while information was received about other dead, bringing the death toll from the military operations in Libya to 14 fighters from the factions. “Al-Mu’tasim Brigade, the Sultan Murad Brigade, and the Northern Hawks and Hamzat Brigades,” according to “Akhbar Libya.”

He explained that “the factions loyal to Turkey are carrying out field executions against the prisoners who fell in their grip during the battles that took place near the Libyan capital,” stressing the departure of “a new batch of mercenary fighters to Turkey and an estimated number of 100 fighters, in preparation for their transfer to Libya soon.”

Rami Abdel Rahman added that on January 10, the Syrian Observatory monitored the arrival of “the bodies of Syrian mercenaries who volunteered to fight in Libya through wooden boxes”, where it monitored the killing of 6 members of the pro-Turkish factions, after the killing of 3 members of the Mu’tasim Brigade and 3 elements of Sultan Murad, in addition to To a fighter from the pro-Turkish Al-Mu’tasim division, he explained that the observatory knew that Turkey had promised the families of the dead a large financial compensation for two years, in addition to other temptations for the families of the dead.

He pointed out that the observatory monitored “the rise of the number of recruits who have reached to the capital Tripoli until now to about 1000 mercenaries, while the number of recruits who arrived in the Turkish camps to receive training amounted to about 1700 recruits, amid the continued recruitment operations significantly, whether in Afrin or the areas of the Euphrates Shield “.

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