1917 tops movie revenues and awards nominations


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With $ 36.5 million, Sam Mendes’ movie drama “1917” directed the revenues of cinema in North America this week, in the week of its premiere, the film starring Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay and Andy Apollo, and recently won the award for Best Drama Film 2019 at a ceremony The Golden Globe Awards were distributed recently, and its director, “Sam Mendes”, won the award for the best director for it. He also won the best director at the American Critics Choice Awards, among the top films that topped the Academy Awards nominations with 10 nominations in a number of 24 categories during which they are awarded. Academy Awards, to be announced on February 9.

The film is inspired by real events that took place in 1917, during the atmosphere of World War I.

“1917” is a US-British war movie, directed by “Sam Mendes”. It was co-written by “Minds” and “Christie Wilson-Cairns”, which is starring George MacKay, Dean Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Claire Dubork , With Colin Firth, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The film is based in part on a novel told by director and screenwriter “Sam Mendes” by his grandfather, Father Alfred Mendes, and produced by Universal Pictures Studios..

The story centers around the climax of World War I during the spring of 1917 in northern France, where two young British soldiers, Schofield – embodying his role as George MacKay – and “Blake” – embodying his role “Dean Charles Chapman” are seemingly impossible to deliver a message warning of The ambush during one of the skirmishes shortly after the German retreated to the Hindenburg line during the Birch process, recruits were racing against time, to cross enemy territory to deliver the warning and maintain a British battalion of 1,600 men, including Blake’s brother from falling into a deadly trap, and must The two men must do their best to accomplish their mission by remaining in the custody of YAH of the war to end all wars.

On the other hand, the new part of the film series is back STAR WARS «Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker »to second place, achieving $ 15.1 million, this week, and to raise his total revenues to $ 478 million, in the fourth week of its premiere, and the movie starring John Boyja, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaacs, and directed by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams.

The action and adventure movie, Jomangi: The Next Level, has slipped»Jumanji: The Next Level From the second to the third place, achieving $ 14 million this week, and to increase his total revenues to $ 275 million in the week of his fifth performance, and the movie starring Downy Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Ballack and Karen Ceylan, and directed by Jake Cassden.

“Comedy” is like a leader»Like a BossStarring Salma Hayek, Rose Byrne, Tiffany Haddish and Billy Porter, and directed by Miguel Artita, the movie earned $ 10 million in its first week of release..

And it finished fifth with the movie “Just a Mercy.”»Just Mercy, Making $ 9.1 million this week, in its third week of premiere, and the movie starring Berry Larson, Jimmy Fox and Tim Blake Nelson, and directed by Dustin Daniel Creighton

The movie is witnessing strong opportunities in the Oscar race, as it also belongs to the war and humanitarian drama, and is equal to him in the number of nominations he has received – 10 nominations – films “Irish” and “Once in Hollywood”, while “Jojo Rabbit” films and “Little Women” , “A Marriage Story,” and “Parasite” have 6 nominations for each.

Far from the box office race, which was decided by one of the strongest films this week «1917» to combine commercial and technical success, the Oscar race faces fierce competition between the big studios and the Netflix network for internet broadcasting services that have another opportunity to extract the biggest prize in the film industry from companies Traditional films in Hollywood, during the upcoming Oscars, as the network competes with the movie “Irish”, which revolves around the world of gangs, and “the story of marriage” Which deals with divorce issues, and Netflix got a total of 24 nominations for the two films, which is more than any other film company, to make the Oscar win In the event that it grabbed him to reinforce Netflix’s position in the film industry and give her new rights to brag in a competition that intensifies to attract viewers for her services in broadcasting on the Internet, especially after the movie “Rome” was produced by its production last year a large number of awards.

The company began broadcasting original films in 2015 and is trying to create a library of high-value films alongside dozens of comedies Thrillers and action movies, but the leader in the field The broadcast of digital videos has angered cinemas owners by insisting that their films be broadcast at the same time or a few weeks after being shown in the cinema, and the Association of Great Theatrical Owners objected to the timing and refused to view Netflix films.

Last year, the “Rome” movie produced by Netflix competed for the best movie award, but it did not win, but the opportunity arose again for the company to extract the grand prize in the Oscar..

The black comedy film “The Joker” recently issued Academy Awards nominations, as it won 11 nominations, including the Best Film Award, and Academy Awards every year constitute a great motive for achieving films for commercial successes in the American box office, where the demand for them from the public increases to follow them if they nominate a large number. Of prizes or win.


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