2.5 billion monthly Facebook users


The number of Facebook users reached 2.5 billion users per month, an increase of 2%, compared to 2.45 billion users in the third quarter of 2019, when the number of users per month grew by 1.65%.

The site previously mentioned Saudi Arabia that the network expenses increased with the expansion of new employees to meet its needs, and that the regulatory restrictions and laws to protect privacy made advertising activity for the network more difficult.

Facebook reported that about 1.66 billion users were using the network on a daily basis during the last quarter of last year. The total number of users of Facebook services, which also includes the social networking application, WhatsApp, and the Instagram photo sharing and application, amount to about 2,89 billion users per month.

Facebook revenue increased during the last quarter of last year to 21.1 billion dollars, while profits increased by 7% to 7.35 billion dollars.

On the other hand, the share price of Facebook in post-closing trading fell yesterday by 7%.

Jay Barrick, Vice President of Engineering in Facebook, said in a post on his social account via Facebook that he was planning to leave the company, to join a long list of high-level departures who left the company last year, and wrote Barrick, who works with Facebook Facebook since 2009: “I will focus on moving in the next few months, but I have no immediate plans after that,” according to the Indian TOI website.

“Knight Mitchell”, one of the Oculus founders, left Facebook in August, when Mitchell said then via a blog post on “Reddit:” There is some sweet and bitter news to share. After 7 years incredible in Oculus Facebook, I move and leave the company, It was an honor for me to be part of the VR community, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. ”


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