3 Arab films running in the final race for “Oscar 2020” .. Get to know me


11:21 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmad Al-Jazzar:

Three Arab films managed to reach the final list of the Oscar 2020, the race whose final results will be announced on February 9 at Dolby Theater, in the presence of a group of world stars, and the concert will be broadcast on the air through the global network ABC.

The Syrian cinema has succeeded in achieving a great achievement with the arrival of two films in the last race, “The Cave” and “On Sama”, in the category of Best Documentary Film, and another Tunisian movie titled “Brothers” is being contested within the category of the best live short film.

Movie cave

It is directed by Firas Fayyad, and produced by National Geographic Channel

The film tracks the daily life of five female doctors working at an underground hospital during the siege of Ghouta between 2012 and 2018.

The movie is a 30-year-old doctor, a pediatrician, who was unable to finish her studies, and became the leader of a team of 130 specialists at Al-Kahf Hospital, which was serving 400,000 civilians in Ghouta.

Firas stated that his motivation for work was the witness of repression and torture of women in the prisons of the Syrian regime, with the war crimes he witnessed committed by the regime in Ghouta from his use of chemical weapons in 2013 and the global negligence that followed. Effects of war crimes.

The announcement of the news was shared through his account on Twitter and wrote, “I am grateful for the wonderful women of their courage to participate in conveying the truth and grateful to the team behind this story for presenting the truth in the face of lies and misinformation.”

Fayyad presented other works related to the Syrian reality, the most important of which was “The Last Men in Aleppo”, which followed volunteers from “White Helmets” trying to save people in the besieged city of Aleppo, and who ran for the Academy Award in 2017, and received 24 other awards.

It is noteworthy that the film premiered at the Toronto International Festival and was able to win the audience award as the best documentary.

To sama

It is the film that was shown internationally for the last time at the Cannes Film Festival, and won the “Golden Eye” award. The film also won 4 awards at the British Independent Film Festival.

The film won four awards at various festivals, including the “Audience Award” at the “SXSW” festival and the “Garden Jury” award at the “Sheffield” International Documentary Film Festival.

The film carries the director’s message to her daughter Sama, and explains why the Syrians have revolted against the Syrian regime.

The film features a five-year war diary in Aleppo, including her marriage and birth to her daughter Sama, in addition to life stories and losses in the city.

The events of the film take place in 95 minutes, and it is the first movie of its director, Waad Al-Khatib, and was produced by the British “Channel 4”, and was released on May 11 this year.

Promise is directed by director Edward Watts.

Brothers movie

The film was directed by Maryam Goubar, and the work won the Best Short Film Award at the Toronto Festival, as well as the Golden Tanit in Carthage.

The film “Brothers”, for a period of 30 minutes, presents the problem of Tunisian jihadists returning from Syria, through the character of the son “Malik”, who returns from the battlefields in Syria with ISIS ranks, accompanied by his Syrian wife, who finds it difficult to integrate with the conservative Badia community.


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