3 surprises in the first hearings of the appeal of the “Shahada Shahama” case in Menoufia – governorates


The first appeals hearings in the Shahama martyr case witnessed a number of important surprises, as Mahmoud Al-Banna, the father of Mahmoud Al-Banna, was absent from the trial for the first time, while Nidal Mandour, the lawyer of the victim, confirmed that the father of “Al-Banna” refused to attend to follow-up sessions of the Appeals Court held at the headquarters of the Shebin Court Mound.

The lawyer of the martyr Shahama added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan”, that he had contacted yesterday with Muhammad al-Banna, the father of the victim, who seemed very sad, stressing that he had told him that he would not attend the sessions of the Court of Appeal.

The trial also witnessed the presence of Ashraf Rajeh, the father of the main accused in the case, Muhammad Rajeh, for the first time since the start of the trials, in addition to the families of a number of the accused, and a security source confirmed in statements to “Al-Watan” that the father of one of the accused has been crying all the time and says that he did not see his son from two months.

Alaa Attia, the lawyer of the second and third defendants in the “Shahid al-Shahama case”, triggered a surprise of a large caliber in the case of the killing of the young Mahmoud Al-Banna, as he confirmed that there is a dispute regarding the victim’s carrying a sharp machine during the assault of the defendants, which led the court to accept The lawyer of the first accused asked to call a specialized technical committee to prove some technical matters and to know whether there was any video manipulation or not before submitting it to the court.

Attia added, in exclusive statements to Al-Watan, that he asked the court to show some of the videos that were shown to the child criminal court, in addition to a new video that was not presented to the court in the first instance trial before the child criminal court, explaining that The court asked to hear some witnesses of proof and they were identified, adding that the court considered the next session to be the final session to pronounce the ruling.

The Child Appellate Criminal Court, which was sitting in the Courts Complex in Shebeen El-Kom in Menoufia Governorate, held its first session today to try those accused of killing the young Mahmoud Al-Banna in the media-known case known as the Shahama Al-Shahama case.

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