3KS The love story of the series Osman bin Artgrel 7 … ALNoor TV, the founder Othman, the seventh episode through the invitation channel


Love story of the series Osman bin Artgrel 7, Spread it on social media the special promo teaser The series of the resurrection of Othman, episode 7 Amid the enthusiasm and suspense among viewers to follow the work events, where the founder will lead his warriors in a new battle to fight injustice and tyranny after he got the support of his fighters to move towards the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Osman 7 series love story:

Impressive success is still being achieved A series of the resurrection of the founder Othman Who launched since November 20, 2019 to spread his reputation quickly to the Arab countries that were waiting for his launch since the announcement of the start of filming the series, and many viewers expressed great admiration for the role of the series hero Burak Ozgivit even though he shone his star in romantic dramas and did not expect followers His performance would be this creativity.

Osman series, seventh episode:

Exciting events that the new episode of Founder’s Resurrection series Where Osman will be captured, beaten and tortured by his enemies, and the leader’s warriors will seek to break Osman’s capture and his father appears to search for him and free him from the grip of enemies, as we will follow a historical saga between the enemies of the Ottoman Empire and the founder’s fighters.

The frequency of the channel call channel Osman:

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The events of the historical Osman series are broadcast at eight oclock in the evening Palestine and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and at nine in the evening according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon, and at ten in the evening according to the time of the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.

Officially, ATV announced, after a long wait, the postponement of the episode of the series “Othman Al-Mousis” for the second time in a row, noting that the channel will start resuming the show next Wednesday, January 22nd.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish historical series Resurrection Osman will be repeated on Thursday, at eight oclock in the evening, Egypt and Palestine, and at nine oclock in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and Jordan.

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