4 contracts disappeared … a car that drove the most famous chase sold for a fabulous amount


Source: Arabic.net – Emad Al-Blake

A classic car used in the famous action movie Bullitt, which premiered in 1986, was sold for a staggering $ 3.74 million.

And if you hadn’t heard of this Mustang, it was driven by the fictional character “Frank Bollett” in the movie, which starred American actor Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980), to solve the mystery of murder.

Mona Lisa cars

This car was likened to the Mona Lisa and the similarity lies in the mystery, as it is believed that it disappeared from history and does not know exactly where it went, and then it turned out that it had been hidden in an old garage for a period of four decades, forty years.

Its recent rediscovery excited classic car enthusiasts and topped publications and media on these topics.

Something not repeated

Mickel Hagerty, CEO of the world’s largest classic car insurance company and founder of the Historic Automobile Association, described the return of the polite to “once again something that we will probably never see again in our lives.”

A famous chase

In the memory of many generations of the sixties, it is rare for the viewers of that historical movie to forget the famous chase of this car, which gives it a wonderful mental image to this day.

This scene, according to Fox News, was viewed by some cinema followers as one of the most amazing scenes in car chases in cinematic history.

The attraction of the car is related not only to being old or used in the movie, but also to the person who drove it, who later acquired a car of the same type that attracted the attention of people on the streets.


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