4 people die in a terrible collision in Qalioubia


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4 people in Qaliubiya were killed in a terrible collision between two motorcycles and a car, on the road of the 12th district of Toukh Center. Security services and ambulances moved to the accident site and the deceased were transferred to Toukh Hospital.

Brigadier-General Fawzi Abed Rabbo, the chief of the Toukh Police Station, received a report of a terrible collision on the road of Line 12 in front of the village of Al-Abadleh, the center’s district.

Lt. Col. Ahmed Sami, chief of investigations of the Toukh Center, and ambulances, moved to the scene of the accident. It was found that 4 dead people were riding two motorcycles, a car collided with them, they were killed, and the bodies were taken to the hospital and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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