$ 5.3 billion in Instagram advertising revenue from Estoriz during 2020


A new report issued by Queen Financial Services Company revealed that “Alastoriz” has become a greater source of income for the Instagram application, which is owned by Facebook, but advertisers are more slow to adopt this new approach of advertising, although it is expected that “Alastoriz” represents 26% Of Instagram’s advertising revenue this year, equivalent to $ 5.3 billion, it will increase and become $ 25.6 billion, or 37% of advertising revenue by 2025.

But while more advertisers are experimenting with stories, they still spend the largest part of their money on Newsfeed Instagram ads, as Facebook has decided to focus on Instagram growth to compensate for the slowdown in its advertising activity, and Instagram is also trying to push advertisers to ads in “Asturias” and Check box Explore, Along with its photo and video recommendations section.

For the report, Coin polled 50 US advertisers who spent $ 12.5 billion collectively on ads in 2019, and the survey revealed that advertisers are testing “Estoriz” ads, with 64% of advertisers purchasing them in 2019, yet 72% of Instagram’s advertising revenue will go To Newsfeed ads this year, according to the survey.

In general, buyers said they love Instagram for its targeting policy and its low prices, especially for direct consumer brands, and an advertiser on Consumer Products has described Instagram as the only place where direct consumer brands can shine.

Advertising buyers still prefer Instagram stories more than Snapchat, according to the survey, and in addition to stories, Instagram is looking to sell more ads in the Explore , However, it has not yet become a significant source of advertising, with 24% of advertisers saying they expect to test ads Explore In 2020, up from 6% in 2019.


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