5 Arab countries acquire the best and worst passports in the world in 2020


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Step with your feet towards the airport gates, and prepare to travel carrying your bags, but make sure that you will not cross the borders of the countries that are heading towards them only with a passport or “Passport”, and that you will not cross your feet the borders of any country except with a visa that records between its papers a protection policy, taken by the countries to verify immigrants Even visitors.

But do you imagine that you could travel without a visa? Only by holding the passport of some countries, it opens doors for you to move to countries that only accept visitors to certain countries, which is a benefit for their residents, so the Henley Index reveals a list of those countries with the best passports, which gives you an opportunity to pass the countries of the world, specifically In 2020.

At the top of the list are some Asian countries, led by Japan, as it helps you reach 191 destinations around the world just by obtaining their visa, according to the CNN website in its English version.

Japan is not alone in its passport between the outskirts of its continent, but Asia is crowned among the world’s easiest continents to enter huge numbers of countries, and the baseball from countries on the continent is known for its “smoothness and flexibility”. It is ranked second in the Asian country, Singapore, and it gives you the opportunity to travel to 190 destinations, after which South Korea and Germany come third, giving freedom to travel to 189 countries.

Europe allows the seizure of the first seats and then begins to dominate the list, pushing Finland and Spain to seat number four, Luxembourg and Denmark in the fifth rank, followed by Sweden and France at the sixth rank, while the United States of America and the United Kingdom continue to decline in the global classification, as the index gave them the center Eighth, the decline was noticeable compared to their first position, which has been required since 2015.

And about the recent rise of the United Kingdom to its former position, the site pointed out that there are no clear signs of a change and a return to its place again, after its exit from the European Union, and on the other hand, the Arab countries occupy their position, whether better or worse by the list.

At the top of the list of Arab countries is the United Arab Emirates, which the website considers a success story decades ago, citing this by jumping to the 18th rank and the shift that has been transmitted on its passport in the past ten years, and the UAE passport provides entry to 171 countries, without a visa or visa upon arrival. It is the only Arab country mentioned by the index among the best passports.

The index indicates that Arab countries occupy the list of the “worst passport”, which includes Libya, so its passport allows you to travel only to 37 countries, and Yemen follows it and the passport allows the passage of its holder between the borders of 33 countries, then Syria and only allows its use to enter 29 countries, the last of which is Iraq Which allows traffic to about 28 countries.

At the end of the list, Afghanistan comes and ends the 2020 list of “passports”, and it allows residents and holders of its passport to enter 26 countries, and between Japan and the UAE allowing to cross multiple numbers of countries, the vast gap appears, regarding the extent of the passport’s ability to grant freedoms.

The index considers the differences in the previous figures to be the widest at all, unlike in previous years, especially since the index official started monitoring the powers granted to him by a passport, beginning in 2006. The site notes that the passport supporting the population to move easily, its lands enjoy prosperity and cultural exchange, according to Words by Dominic Folik, responsible for monitoring passports in Southeast Asia.

The “Henley” passport index is a global classification that ranks the countries of the world, based on the strength of the passport in giving its residents freedom of movement of citizens worldwide, whether by entering them without visa at all or obtaining a visa upon arrival, and their rankings were last year , With Singapore, Japan and South Korea winning the first place, and Afghanistan and Iraq ranked last.

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