5 killed and 15 injured in a 3-car collision on the “Sohag – Red Sea” road


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5 people were killed, and 15 others injured, injuries, wounds and separate fractures, on Tuesday, in a collision of 3 cars that occurred on the eastern desert road «Sohag / Red Sea» in the district of Akhmim Center.

Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Director of Sohag Security, received a notification of the accident from Brigadier General Mohamed Sami Abdel-Raouf, the warden of the Akhmim Police Station. Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Mousa, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, officers of the Center’s Investigations Unit, traffic forces, and civil protection, and it was revealed from inspection and examination that the accident occurred at The 20 km point in the road between two “angelic” cars and a “microbus” car carrying a group of passengers, due to excessive speed and wrong overtaking.

The accident resulted in the death of: Al-Dabaa Roman Shaker, “47 years old – worker”, and his son Thomas “13 years old”, and 3 other unidentified bodies. In addition, 15 people from the three cars were injured, with injuries, wounds, and separate fractures. The bodies were transferred to Akhmim Central Hospital, The injured were afflicted to Sohag General Hospital, Sohag University, raising the effects of the accident and driving traffic on the road.

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