5 short films of 5 Saudi female directors open the first session of the Red Sea Festival


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The International Red Sea Film Festival revealed the details of his special project that brings together five Saudi female directors in a joint work that includes several short films, produced and funded by the festival, and art production by the Jeddah-based CinePotix Company.

The project is an important platform for Saudi women in the film industry, and it is expected to be presented at the opening session of the International Red Sea Film Festival next March. The project includes five short films by Saudi female directors: Hind Al-Fahhad, Jawaher Al-Amiri, Noor Al-Amir, Sarah Mesfer, and Fatima Al-Banawi, while Palestinian award-winning Palestinian cinema Soha Arraf oversaw the overall supervision of scenario development.

The five films were chosen by a selection committee drawn up by the International Red Sea Film Festival in cooperation with CinePortex in a process that sought to attract various stories, targeting well-known voices and promising new talents. The ideas and stories presented to the participation reflected the extent of the creative diversity the Kingdom is witnessing.

Members of the production teams for each short film dominate a local female presence. The five films dealt with women’s stories that reflected a true image of women in their society, diversified in terms of style and content to reflect the true diversity in the contemporary Saudi film scene, especially as the outputs represent all parts of the Kingdom, including Makkah, Al-Ahsa, Madinah, Jeddah, and Riyadh.

The project allows each director to present her own cinematic vision in an intensive process led by women. This is confirmed by director Hind Al-Fahhad, saying, “It is a great experience to participate in a movie directed by five Saudi women, and it tells the stories of women. I look forward to this experience because it is different. The female feeling is repeated in the stories, but the angle is different for every woman, as she has to tell her own story. ”On this idea, director Noor Al-Amir added:“ The process of making this film from my point of view as a writer and director was a real challenge, but converting this The idea into reality sends a great feeling of pride and contentment. ”

On the other hand, Mahmoud Sabbagh, director of the festival, said: “Cinema has an important role in supporting diversity and interconnectedness in societies, so we have committed to the task of supporting new creative voices and providing an opportunity for local cinematic talents, through which they can express themselves and present their stories. This project is only an alternative testament to contemporary Saudi life, with a female lens
Live this life, and bear witness to the transformations it is undergoing.

With the completion of the filming processes, the team is now entering post-production to ensure films are ready to be shown at the opening session of the International Red Sea Film Festival.


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