5 Tales on “Doctors of Menya” .. Remnants of a dream, ambition and memories


Maha Salah El-Din wrote:

On the highway dreams come to an end, 12 female doctors, the eldest of whom is thirty years old, thought they finally realized their big dream, a dream of medicine that required a long road, killing three of them and a driver, losing another fetus and her hope of having children again, and 9 remained between life and death, had 9 The cracks and fractures of their bones heal, but the cracks of their souls will never heal.

Inside three centers and 5 villages in Minya Governorate, sadness had the upper hand in separate scenes, heavy hours of waiting for the funeral of the last victims of the accident, and female doctors in bed became their dream of a nightmare that couldn’t be known, and a lost motherhood dream for a boy who would not be compensated, and empty offices after he left The owners.

For the stories and stories of the victims:

The first story: “Come and go as angels” .. The biography of Minya doctors in health units is longer than their age

The second story: A dream about wasted medicine on the highway … Minyas women were injured, “We will not work again.”

The third story: A girl, a student, and a mother .. Ruth’s neighbors tell the story of the doctor of Minya, who lost her fetus

Fourth story: Female doctors in white beds … 12 scenes from the Minya minibus accident

Fifth story: The last night of Dr. Nora .. Masrawy in the village of the third victim of the “Minya accident”

Details of Masrawy’s coverage of the Minibus Doctors ’accident (Press here)

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