60 people, including 17 children, were injured due to unloading jet fuel in Florida! (Video)


At least 60 people, including 17 children, were injured in Los Angeles, USA, by a plane unloading its fuel on two primary schools while flying over a residential area.

The director of the Los Angeles County fire brigade told CNN that the accident occurred on Tuesday evening, when the plane’s fuel was scattered while flying over a residential area, where there are 6 schools, including five primary schools.

And other US media reported that the district’s emergency management announced in a statement: “23 injuries, including 17 children, are being treated and inspected after the plane fuel accident (leak) while flying on a school playground, and led to a fire.” There are other injuries in other areas where the leak occurred.

An Los Angeles County Fire Department official told CNN that the worst affected school is Park Avenue Elementary School.

Medical sources stated that the injuries were heartburn due to jet fuel entering the eyes and skin irritation.

The accident occurred on Tuesday while the plane was returning to Los Angeles International Airport to Shanghai, China, shortly after takeoff, when “it encountered a motor problem that required the plane to quickly return to Los Angeles Airport.”

The sources said that the Boeing 777-200 plane had 288 passengers on board and landed safely after its fuel was discharged. This operation was required as a precaution for landing safety.

A social media video shows the plane flying with white stripes on both sides of the plane.

But officials criticized the pilot, as the plane was not supposed to dispose of its fuel over populated areas.

Source: CNN

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