8 crises confront “Citin” in his new mission with Barcelona


Citin crises on his new journey

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January 14, 2020

FC Barcelona has officially announced the appointment of Kiki Cettin as the coach of the club with the departure of Spaniard Ernesto Valverde from his position.

Cittine faces a lot of difficult tasks when he begins his career as coach of the Catalan club, which has long been a goal for him to take over his training, here are the difficulties that will face Kiki when he takes over Barca:

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1 / Relationship with heavyweight colleagues:

Citin is expected to hold a meeting in the coming hours with heavyweights among the club, including Messi, Busquets and Pique, in order to obtain the support of the players.

2 / The Return of Tiki Taka:

Kiki is expected to bring back Tiki Taka’s signature style to the club during the Pep Guardiola era, which completely disappeared under coach Ernesto Valverde.

3 / The relationship with Bartomeo:

It is very important for Kiki to improve his relationship with the Bartomeo administration and work to strengthen the team by including a new striker and compensation for Luis Suarez’s injury.

4 / Searching for an attacker:

The absence of Luis Suarez for so long could have prompted Kiki to sign a new striker or search for solutions for Lamasia.

5 / Bet on youth:

Citin will not be able to count on Carlos Alenia, who has been loaned out to Real Betis, but there are young people like Fati, Perez, Todibo, Araujo and Puig who need the support and confidence of the new coach.

6 / The role of Vidal:

Fidel’s great suffering from Valverde caused him to consider moving to Inter Milan and Kiki will be required to preserve the Chilean star and persuade him to stay in the club and give him the opportunity to participate mainly.

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7 / Griezmann’s development:

Barcelona fans hope that the best version of Griezmann will appear when Citin reaches the ranks of the team with the selection of the appropriate position for the player and work to develop it from the technical side.

8 / Return of pleasure:

Barcelona failed to provide pleasure under Valverde’s leadership in the last two seasons, which angered club fans.

Kiki Citeen’s main difficulties will be how the team presents the delightful technical level the team has previously performed under Pep Guardiola.

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