8 films competing for the 46th Film Society Festival Awards


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8 The feature films feature in the Egyptian Film Society’s annual film festival. The festival’s management, headed by Director of Photography, Mahmoud Abdel Samie, announced in its 46th session, which will be held from January 25 to February 1, the eight films that will be shown at the festival. According to the arrangement of the commercial offer, which is “The Guest” by Hadi Al-Bagouri, “The Secret Men Club” by Khaled Al-Halafawi, “The Passage” by director Sharif Arafa, “Blue Elephant 2” by Marwan Hamed, and “Treasure 2” by director Sharif Arafa, and “Walad Rizk 2”, directed by Tariq Al-Arian, and “Khayal Maatah”, directed by Khaled Maraei, and it will be the last movie S It is shown “Lama Bentold” by Tamer Ezzat.

And «Abdel Samie» said: «The festival always raises the slogan (Toward an Egyptian Egyptian cinema), and through a referendum between members of the association and critics and a number of specialists, 8 films were chosen to compete with the elements of the festival awards from among 33 films shown commercially during 2019, and a movie will be shown (122) The jury should only arbitrate in the directing branch (work for the first time), where shows will be held for these films at the Artistic Creativity Center at the Opera Square, after which the jury will announce the names of the winners, to distribute the prizes and honors on Saturday, February 8 next ». The festival administration announced, last July, that it honored the late critic Youssef Sharif, may God bless him, by giving him the 46th session of the annual festival of Egyptian cinema, stressing that he is one of the first members of the association since its inception, in addition to being a mobile encyclopedia for world cinema, as he took over the presidency of the Film Association In Cairo from 1980 until 1998, he was also president of the festival’s courses, and she announced that she was honored by a number of cinematographers, including the great director David Abdel-Sayed, the scriptwriter Wahid Hamid, the musician Mounir Al-Wasimy, the artist Lotfi Labib and the interior designer Nihad Bahgat and the critic Salah Hashem, and the star was also chosen Samiha Ayoub to be the guest of honor for this session, and the tradition that the association started last year to honor the symbols and pioneers of cinematic art will be completed, as will be honored on the Kassar, Tawfiq Al-Daqin, and scenarios Abu Al-Saud Al-Ibyari and director Mamdouh Shoukry, the owner of the first political movie in Egyptian cinema.


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