8 Skin Care Tips From Kristin Bell .. Enter 40 in freshness


The beauty of celebrities always arouses our curiosity, sometimes our jealousy, and we wish we could know some secrets of their beauty and their lasting brilliance. And because the American actress and singer Christine Bell is one of the Hollywood beauties who draws their attention, we share these secrets that were revealed to “Women health” about the secrets of her skin care, especially at the age of 39, after she became on the outskirts of forty, where the new age requires a lot of skin care .

Christine Bell (1)
Christine Bell

Go to bed with clean face

Christine Bell told us that she only goes to bed after removing makeup with her makeup remover, which you must choose according to the type that best suits your skin.

Caring for your skin in the morning

Although Christine emphasizes the need to sleep with clean skin at all, it also confirms that the natural oils produced by the skin at night are necessary to maintain a balance of skin moisture in the day. Instead of washing your face in a routine way in the morning you can follow the “Bell” method of relying on a hot towel In the morning on her face, it helps her to withdraw all blood flow from her face and also does that before applying make-up.

Christine Bell
Christine Bell

Sun cream

It is necessary to make sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, and “Christine” stresses that it is one of the most important things that have preserved the youth of her skin greatly and stressed that it is necessary to choose a sunscreen that is water resistant so that its protection remains for a longer period of your skin and it is necessary that you rely on its use even in Winter, not just summer.

Prevention is the key

Christine Bell stated that prevention is the key to beauty and youth of the skin and stressed that her mother taught her to care for her skin early and also taught her a complete system to care for her skin properly and she is also keen to instill this in her young children.

Moisturizing the skin

Actress “Christine Bell” confirmed that she avoids things that are more severe on her skin, such as exfoliating products, and even home peeling, as she is completely away from them and heavily moisturizes the skin, specifically that contains “hyaluronic acid” and also use a day and night cream that is appropriate for your skin.

Christine Bell (1)
Christine Bell

Your diet

It is necessary to choose a good and healthy diet that helps you to freshness your skin and increase its luster. Any health problems that you suffer from will simply be reflected on your skin already. Bill told us that she suffered from a period of very severe eczema in the skin. The first thing she did to treat her and get rid of her is to modify her diet. She chose to stay away from meat and dairy and also stressed the need to drink large quantities of water to preserve the freshness of your skin.

Use natural products

Christine Bell explained that it is necessary to use natural products to care for the skin and maintain its youth and freshness. She made it clear that she is using a honey mask to apply it to her skin and then wash it with warm water after finishing the mask. She also uses sugar as a natural skin scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Sleep well and silk

“Christine” confirmed in her last skin care advice that it is necessary to sleep well every day so that you sleep at least 8 hours at night in order to maintain the freshness and youth of your skin. Christine suggests sleeping on a silk pillow if you can, and you will notice the difference yourself in maintaining more skin Smoothness and free from any pills or impurities.


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