8 students were injured in a “water fire” fight in Gharbia


12:01 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

The public security sector, in coordination with the Western security services, succeeded in controlling a quarrel between a number of students using fire water, injuring 8 people.

Reported to the Samanoud Police Station in the Western Security Directorate from a hospital that 8 students at an industrial secondary school were injured in the face and head, and the injured reported that while they were on the Canal Street in the city of Samanoud, two people quarreled with others and threw caustic “fire water” on those who fought with them. Their injury.

The investigations of the criminal investigation team in Gharbiya, with the participation of the public security sector in the Western Security Directorate, confirmed that the quarrel occurred in front of the school between the first party (4 students, residents of the Center’s department and the second party of the Taliban, residing in Samanoud).

After codifying the procedures, the two sides of the fight were seized, and in confronting them, they admitted that a verbal altercation occurred between them during the study, which developed into a fight that resulted in two parties to the fight throwing caustic “fire water” on two of the second party, which led to the injury of the aforementioned.

Legal measures were taken and the prosecution took over.

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