80 photos of Magda’s consolation in the presence of art and media stars


The consolation of the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi witnessed a large presence of art and media stars, as well as a number of public figures and the presence of a representative of the President of the Republic.

Also read: Sadness dominated the features of the star, Yousra, while she was in solace, and it is worth noting that the great artist Magda Al-Sabahi died on Thursday evening at eleven oclock after a life full of artistic giving in which she was not satisfied with acting and starring films that became signs in the history of cinema, but she founded a production company in 1958 and produced a number Of the important films, through which she presented a number of stars.

In addition to social films, including where is my age, and who I love, and adolescent girls, which were classified as one of the most important films in the history of cinema, Magda Film Company has produced a number of national and religious films, and said that she had fought these important experiences of history, the homeland and art, including the movie “Age is a Moment” which spoke On the period of setback, the crimes of Israel and the October War, and religious films including: the migration of the Prophet, and the greats of Islam.


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