“A 32-year-old French bull” .. Who is Arlem Nouiri, Al-Ahly’s striker?


10:44 PM

Monday 13 January 2020

Books- Omar Qora:

Al-Ahly continues its earnest endeavors to obtain the services of a striker to strengthen the front line during the winter transfers, so that Frenchman Arlou Nouere, Romanian striker of Steaua Bucharest, joined the Red Radar to sign him.

Anamaria Prudan Rijicamp, Nouiri’s agent, talked about the details of Al-Ahly’s negotiations to include the player, noting that the Red Club ended the deal by 80% (See details)

Masrawy reviews the top 10 information about the expected Al-Ahly striker:

Arlem Nouiri was born on February 21, 1988, and he will be 32 years old next month.

Ivorian striker is of French nationality and was born in the capital Paris, but he did not represent any national team.

– The player has a strong physical frame, to be called the “bison” (a mythical animal shaped like an animal body and a human face with a beard and horns) that looks like a bull.

He started his career as a small child in France with the “Trois B” club, and went to Switzerland in 2007 to represent clubs: La Tour in the season (2007-08), Paul (2008-09) and Urania Geneva (2009-10).

– He went to compete in Belgium to play with clubs: Excelsior Verton, Royal Charleroi (three states), Vesterlo, Mouscron, before ending his career in Belgian stadiums with Mons Club to leave in 2015.

– Nouiri diverted his destination to Romania, where he joined Dynamo Bucharest in 2015 in a free deal, and spent two seasons with the club to score 24 goals in 59 games in both seasons (2015-16) and (2016-17).

Moved to his current club, Steaua Bucharest, during January 2017 for 250,000 euros.

– Arlem Nouiri’s talent exploded remarkably with Steaua Bucharest to score 51 goals 6 in 110 games.

Noiry scored six goals and made one during the 13 matches he played with Steaua Bucharest in the local league in his current version.

– He won the league’s top scorer award in two seasons, where he scored 18 goals with Royal Charleroi in the Belgian League season (2011-12), and 15 goals with Steaua Bucharest in the Romanian League season (2017-18).

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