A baby struggles with death because of a kiss that transmits the herpes virus infection .. Pictures


A British newborn child is wrestling with death due to a kiss that has been reported to him Herpes virus, Doctors stated that he was transferred from a person who carries the virus, but its effect on the child was serious, and doctors expect him to die.

According to the newspaper “The Daily Star”, Roman Dransfield was born four weeks earlier than his due date and had jaundice or yellow in February 2019 and was placed in a newborn nursery.


On the fifth day of his birth, his parents, Matthew, 28, and his mother Daniela, 27, noted that a rash on the baby’s head quickly developed into blisters, and doctors later confirmed that the child had herpes, suspected of being one of his relatives who had accepted him. Roman received antivirals for three weeks with creams.

Danielas mother said, “When he was born for the first time, family members would go in and out to see him while he was in the newborn ward, and, as everyone else does, they would embrace him and accept him.”

“Everyone who visited has no active herpes virus, so we will never know who transmitted the virus to it,” she added.


“One day, we noticed a rash on his face that continued to worsen and eventually developed into bubble-like areas,” she noted.

The mother added: “Doctors told us that the virus could have killed the infant if it reached its organs, but after 3 weeks of treatment in the hospital he was sent home and we learned how to take care of it.”

The couple decided to share their story to encourage people not to kiss newborns to avoid the transmission of the virus.



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