A bad weather wave hits Kafr El-Sheikh .. Rains flood the cities and villages of the northern region


The cities and villages of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate were subject to heavy rains and strong winds today, Wednesday, all over the governorate, which led to the flooding of the streets of cities, villages and northern areas of the governorate.

The heavy rains and bad weather caused the waves to rise, and fishing trips stopped in the Mediterranean and Lake Burullus, and the winds cut off electricity to a number of northern villages, the centers of Al-Hamoul, Riyadh, Fuwah, Mutoubas and Burullus.Major-General Jamal Nour El-Din, the governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, and Major General Yasser El-Hefny, the assistant general secretary of the governorate, was tasked with following up the removal of the effects of rain water and pumping water from the streets, especially the northern regions of Baltim, Riyadh, Hamoul, Matobas, and its villages.

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