A child suffocates as a result of swallowing a “pulp shell” in Assiut


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A child uttered his last breath at Assiut University Hospital, yesterday, after he was subjected to suffocation due to swallowing a pod shell, while he was at the family home in Al-Munirah village in the New Valley Governorate, which resulted in his death after the foreign body extraction failed in Al-Kharga General Hospital, despite the presence of medical laryngoscopes to deal with Such cases, where he was transferred to the Assiut University Hospital and was in a late state, which prevented him from being rescued after attempts by the medical team there. Major General Asaad Al-Zakir, Director of Assiut Security, received a notification of the death of the child “Omar, two years old, as a result of suffocation resulting in his death from swallowing a peel of a core, at Assiut University Hospital.

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