A crime that rocked Amiriyah .. How did the life blow of the five demons in prison?


The five violent criminals gathered at one of them’s house Alexandria, Preparing their plan for the crime that they thought would make them a lot of money, preparing for what they described as a “life blow”, as their demon adorned them kidnapped the child of his well-off father to ask for a ransom. , Unaware of the consequences, as Satan blinded them and saw only the enormous sums they would earn for their actions.On the promised day, as the child was having fun in front of his house in Kilo 22 area, west of Alexandria, a car stopped near him and when they made sure that there was no one but the child, one of them landed, kidnapped him and put him by car for a speedy start.

“Your son is with us,” a phone call the mother of the child received from one of the kidnappers, asking her for two million pounds of ransom to release him, so that the mother collapses, while the father picks up the phone, and tries to negotiate with the kidnappers so that one of them does not harm the child, before he informs the security services of what happened.

The first police station in Amiriyah received a report from a housewife, 38, and her husband, who live in Kilo 22, stating that an unknown passenger in a Malaky car had kidnapped her 9-year-old son while he was having fun in front of their house.

The mother said in the communication that she received a phone call from a mobile phone, during which an unknown person requested an amount of 2 million pounds as a ransom for the return of her child.

A criminal investigation team was formed under the supervision of Major General Sherif Raouf, Director of the Investigation Department to arrest the perpetrators and the release of the child. His efforts resulted in the identification of the perpetrators, who are 5 unemployed who were previously accused in a number of cases.

Following the codification of the procedures, the ambushes were established to seize the accused, who upon their detection of danger, released the child.

The detectives officers were able to arrest the accused, the perpetrators of the accident, including two people residing in the Balina Police Department in Sohag and 3 others in Alexandria.

The necessary report was prepared in the first police station in Amiriya, and the case was submitted to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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