A deadly heater and a disastrous tortoise … The sweet days contend with Ehab Tawfik … video


With a cake, wax, and birthday like the rest of the people, Ehab Tawfik celebrated his birthday with his family, then went to complete the celebration with his friends, but he did not expect that when he returned he would be surprised by a huge fire that engulfed the role in which his father lived in his villa in Nasr City.

The artist took control of the dismay and tried to save his father in various ways, but the fire prevented him from entering to save him, and the fire reached the villa extinguishing the fire, but the fire that broke out in the chest of Ihab Tawfiq will not be extinguished after the fire caused his father’s life by suffocation, as the fire did not reach his room, but the thick smoke was enough to take the life of the late .

It is a difficult situation, and Ihab Tawfiq found himself surrounded by it, but it did not occur to me that his father’s departure was like this. The bereavement lost him focus and made him stray, as if in another world.

Honoring the dead burial, this is what is always said in those cases, but the investigations had another word, as the procedures caused the delay in the permit to bury the body to bury the dead after the Maghrib prayer after it was planned after the afternoon prayer from the Peace Mosque.

Children of halal livelihood This statement applies to the friends of Ihab Tawfiq who were keen to stand next to him in that tragedy and alleviate his pain, especially in the condolences of his father.

A large number of art, media and sports stars attended the condolences of the father of Ihab Tawfiq, including the Mosque of the Field Marshal Tantawi, including Hamada Hilal, Ramy Sabry, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Donia Samir Ghanem, Amy Samir Ghanem, Sherry Adel, Khaled Ajaj, Mostafa Shawky, Majd Al Qasim, Mohamed Mohy , Singer Hisham Abbas, popular singer Tarek El Sheikh, Latifa, singer Ahmed Gamal, Hossam Hosni, producers Nasr Mahrous and his brother Hany Mahrous, singer Shatha, Hegazy Metkal, Tarek Abdel Halim, Mona Abdel Ghani, Mohamed Zidan, former Egyptian national team player and star Khaled Selim, Mostafa Shaaban, Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, Salah Abdullah, Hany Ramzy, the artist Ahmed Badir, the artist E Mirhan Hussein, Majed El Masry, artist Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Amira El Aidy, director Amr Abdin, Mostafa Kamel, Nihal Anbar and others.


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