A deadly kiss almost killed a newborn


A kiss placed on the forehead of the child, Roman, almost gave him a death certificate for his short life, which was only four weeks old, after he was infected with herpes at the hands of a relative. Relatives were taking turns visiting and kissing the child. On the fifth day of the baby’s birth, the 28-year-old father, “Athio,” and the 27-year-old mother, Daniela, noticed that he had a rash in his head.

The rash soon developed into blisters, and prompted parents to show their child to the doctor who informed them that their son had had herpes, a fatal disease for young children, according to the British Daily Mirror newspaper.

The parents discovered that the virus was passed on to their baby through a relative who kissed him, and he was also suffering from the virus. For weeks, the child had been receiving treatment so that doctors could treat him and bring him back to life after he was on the verge of death with that deadly kiss.


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