A draft leaked for the Berlin conference items on the Libyan crisis


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

On Wednesday, Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent obtained a leaked copy of a draft Berlin Conference To be held next Sunday in the German capital, on the Libyan crisis.

The leaked version stressed the importance of Libyas sovereignty and national unity, by supporting the political process.

Comprehensive armistice

The draft urged international parties to commit to refraining from outside interference in Libya, and to call for a comprehensive and permanent truce and an end to military movements in the country.

It also called for confidence-building measures and the exchange of prisoners and dead bodies between the warring parties, as well as the disarmament of armed groups under the supervision of the United Nations.

In addition, it called on the parties to separate from the terrorist groups on the United Nations list, and to ban travel and freeze the funds of the parties associated with these groups.

Imposing UN sanctions

In addition, the proposed draft included imposing sanctions by the Security Council on those who violate the ceasefire, as well as calling for the establishment of an effective presidential council and the formation of one national government accredited by the House of Representatives.

It also demands the fair distribution of public wealth between regions in Libya, and the state’s restoration of the legitimate use of force.

It also included support for the creation of the National Security Forces and the Unified Military Forces under a central authority in Libya.

Do you attend the OS and Haftar?

For his part, German Foreign Ministry spokesman, Rainer Bruel, said Wednesday that his country hopes to make all international players use their influence to push for progress in the Libyan peace talks, setting the ambitions for a peace conference hosted by Berlin on Sunday.

He added that the goal was “broader” than the Moscow conference, which was aimed at achieving a ceasefire.

Otherwise, the German spokesman declined to provide a specific list of participants in the Berlin conference, and he could not confirm whether the winner of Al-Sarraj, head of the National Accord government and successor of Haftar, the Libyan National Army commander, will attend the summit on Sunday, but said that the invitations found good echoes for the invitees.

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