A famous analyst: Apple may sell 80 to 85 million iPhone phones with 5G support


The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a memo in which Apple is expected to release four iPhone 2020 models that support 5G networks and sell many of them. Previously, there was speculation that Apple would launch versions without 5G at the beginning until phones that Supports 5G in early 2021, according to the Indian GSM website.

But the famous analyst recently came out to refute all these allegations, saying that the two versions will be launched simultaneously in September this year, and they will be launched in 5 markets: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and Korea, where they will all receive phones that support both the 5GHz and MMWave versions of Fifth generation, as this is more complicated, which is why the alleged delay.

According to the report, some telecom companies get phones that support only 6 GHz, while “CO” says that countries that do not have 5G coverage will receive phones supported by technology, but they are disabled, in order to save manufacturing costs, which means the absence of some components, which means that It will not be possible to enable 5G via a simple software update.

“And Ku” expected that Apple will sell between 80 and 85 million iPhone phones based on the withdrawal from the 5G connection and the renewed design, and this is in line with the early predictions of the iPhone 11 family, although it is less than the expectations of 100 million units that appeared in November of the year the past.


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