A famous artist pays Google 4 thousand dollars to delete her love relationships


The famous Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir asked Google to scan or hide news related to her emotional and romantic relationships.

Turkish media revealed that the Turkish star agreed with a well-known lawyer to pay $ 4 thousand, in order to hide all news about her previous romantic relations with Turkish actors Jan Yaman, Sichkin Ozdemir, Yildirim and Ozhan Kush.

It is mentioned that Dimit Ozdemir is a Turkish TV and cinema actress, born on February 26, 1992 in Kocaeli, Turkey, and became famous in the Arab world for the role of “Aseel” in the series “The Smell of Strawberry” as Aseel, and Dimit Ozdemir began her career by participating in the singer’s dance team. Banjo “Then I participated in a song with singer Mustafa Sandal, and the series” I will give you a secret “in 2013 was the first real acquaintance between her and the audience.


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