A famous artist was arrested before she fled to Turkey in an ethical scandal


Ongoing investigations into the scandal case
Celebrity “, involving Moroccan artist Donia Butma and her sister Ibtisam,
Known as “Hamza Moon Baby”, the artist and Moroccan fashion designer were involved
The famous Aisha Ayyash.
Local media reported that the authorities in Dubai arrested
Ali “Aisha” at Dubai airport before escaping to Turkey, after the arrest warrant was issued
International rights to extortion and defamation.
Local newspapers indicated that “Ayash”, residing in the Emirates,
She was arrested yesterday, Tuesday, by Dubai Airport police, while trying to travel to Turkey.
Activists on the media have shared a video showing the woman concerned
By order, she is sitting in the waiting hall of Dubai Courts.
In the same vein, the controversial blog, Samira Al-Dawoudi, came out
In a post on her account on “Instagram”, she said, “Aisha Ayyash is on her way
To Morocco, after being deported by the Emirates Police, welcome to the dwarfs of your country, Brother Shi
An initiative that they were exposed to in Marrakesh precision, milk and dates in the airport gate. “
The case of “Hamza Moon Baby” raised public opinion
Al-Arabi, after publishing this account, sensitive photos of celebrities, artists and women in the media, which led to sabotage
Their family and career lives, and the investigations resulted in the involvement of the artist, Donia Butma and her sister
Which provided the account with information and pictures to blackmail the artists, which the artist denies
She strongly emphasizes her innocence and that what is being tried against her targets her reputation, while the court decided to decide a session
The trial for next February 13, with the travel ban.


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