A father throws himself under the wheels of the train as a sacrifice for his daughter. Know the full story from her photographer


At one oclock in the afternoon on Monday, “Ahmed Akef” a student at the University of the Suez Canal stood in Ismailia station To catch a train to get him to his city in Sharqia, when he caught his breath as soon as he saw a little girl crossing her and her father the railway track, as they were speeding up to catch the Suez train before he lost them and waited a long time to ride another train, because the trains heading to the city of the channel did not stop for only a few minutes.

Akef watched the moments when the little girl went down the cargo train that was linking the railway station, to cross from the bottom towards the other pavement so that the train suddenly moved while the child was still passing through it, so that the father also crossed under the train as he moved slowly and jumped towards his daughter embracing her In order to protect her from the wheels of the train and chop her place in a sacrifice, the train passengers waiting on the platform docked to her, according to Ahmed Akef, a photographer for the video of the train accident for “Echo Al Balad”.

“Prove your place,” is the word the panicky station passengers made to the father hugging his daughter after he was crammed between the station platform and train wheels, to be saved by the Divine Providence from crushing down the tracks of the train station.

Seconds after the train passed, the passengers rushed to check on the father and his child, who were in a state of amazement and terror, to make “Ahmed” the first reassuring father who remained silent until he left the station without saying anything other than that he was from Suez and he wanted to catch the train before leaving the station.

The knees carried the father and his daughter to the dock of the station after they witnessed death with their own eyes, due to their speedy passage through the railway track, without using the station bridge to move to the other dock.

Horror and shock is the description that “Ahmed” gave, during his vision and filming of the tragic incident he is witnessing for the first time in his life. “It was a frightening and terrifying feeling, and I see the father embracing his daughter to save her from the country’s treatments before she dies under him, but thank God our Lord we have succeeded .. We say in The other was that they were mistaken because they ran from the train tape to catch up before they walked from the station, according to his expression of “Echo Al Balad”.

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