“A fire was struck inside the Tuk Tuk and a corpse on the street.” .. Details of the killing of a young Ba


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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mohamed Al-Sawy wrote:

The security services in Cairo Security Directorate revealed the mystery of the killing of Haddad in the city of Peace, and it was found that behind the perpetration of the incident, a worker and others were motivated by the revenge.

He informed Brigadier Ayman Samir, the commander of the First Peace Police Department, with gunshots and a deceased in one of the streets in the department’s circle, and found the body of a blacksmith residing in the department’s department with separate gunshots; his brother decided that an unemployed resident in the center of the center I would drive in Sohag, and two other unknown persons traveling in a Tok Tok vehicle, fired bullets Of firearms in their possession towards his brother, so they killed him and fled.

By notifying General Ashraf El-Gendy, Director of Cairo Security, he ordered the formation of a research team headed by Major General Nabil Selim, Director of the General Department of the Cairo Investigation Department, including Major General Hazem El-Badawy, Deputy Director-General, to arrest the accused.

By conducting the investigations under the supervision of Brigadier Hazem Al-Derby, head of the East Sector Investigation, and gathering information to uncover the circumstances of the incident, the efforts of the research team formed from the public security sector and with the participation of the General Administration of Cairo Investigations concluded that behind the perpetration of the incident a factor “resident in Sohag” clothing sellers residing in the Ain Shams region as well Investigations indicated that the first suspect had hesitated at one of the cafes in the Souk El-Obour area of ​​the second Al-Salam police station.

Following the codification of the procedures, the pioneers, Muhammad Ja`far, Mustafa Abu al-Fadl, Ali Kassab, and Amr Izzat, the department’s investigation officers, were able to target and arrest the accused, by confronting him, in detail, confessing that he committed the incident in conjunction with the two fugitive defendants motivated by taking revenge for his family’s previous association with a retaliatory feud and the family of the victim.

The aforementioned accused added his agreement with the two fleeing defendants to kill the victim and the date of the incident that they had taken the Tuk Tuk vehicle, and the fugitive defendants possessed firearms. They went to the victim’s workplace and fired shots at him, killing him.

The necessary minutes were edited, and Major General Ahmed Farouk Al-Qarn, Hikdar al-Asimah, referred him to the Public Prosecution.

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