A friend of Meghan Markle reveals facts that disturb the royal family


After announcing her and her husband Prince Harry’s abandonment of their royal assignments, a friend of Meghan Markle has revealed some of the secrets hiding behind this decision.

The friend wrote on the pages of the latest issue of People magazine that it was the royal family that forced the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry to turn away, describing it as troublesome.

Friends of Megan, whom he did not name, were quoted as saying that she had been ill-treated. He pointed out that these revealed the lies that were being circulated, while emphasizing that Prince Harry’s wife was a victim of a major smear campaign.

Later a report by the website of the French edition of Gala magazine stated that Queen Elizabeth II tried to persuade her grandson and his wife to back down from their decision to abandon their missions.

He noted that a one-and-a-half-hour summit meeting was held in Sandringham recently to find a solution. In his conclusion, the Queen issued a statement informing her of her decision.


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