A housewife uses a bakery owner to get rid of her husband


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The security services revealed the ambiguity of finding the body of a “driver” in Qalyubia, which revealed that his wife used a bakery owner to get rid of him, after an emotional relationship between them, and that the accused had lured the victim, killed him and hid the “tuk tuk” and handed over the “mobile” to the wife to hide him for fear of exposing their matter, was The accused were arrested and the prosecution took over the investigation.

Second Division officers, Shubra El-Khaima, received a notification of finding the body of a “driver” – 41 years old – residing on the ground in the Bahtim region, with several separate stab wounds in the abdomen, back, chest, and finding folds of his clothes on his wallet, inside his identity card, 40 pounds, and some keys, and what his wife decided “Rabba” Home »- 29 years old – her husband went out to work on a motorcycle to drive him and not return.

Major-General Alaa El-Din Salim, assistant minister of interior for the public security sector, directed quickly the formation of a research team, in which Qalubia Investigation officers participated, and he succeeded in identifying the perpetrator of the incident, and it turned out that he is a “bakery owner” – 32 years old. After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted by a mission, which resulted in his arrest, by facing the investigations he acknowledged and admitted that he committed the motive of getting rid of the victim, as he decided previously to be associated with the victim’s wife, and given the latter’s harm to her victim’s husband, and the crackdown on her, he resolved to eliminate him by killing him. The defendant added that he had lured the victim to the alleged dinner together and carried out the crime in coordination with the victim’s wife.

By targeting the second defendant, the victim’s wife was seized and faced with the confessions of the first defendant, she acknowledged it and recognized the precedent of their agreement to kill her victim’s husband, and the defendants were instructed to seize (the tuk tuk and the phone of the victim).

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