A kiss and ignore .. Sirine Abdel Nour raises controversy in an art party in Dubai (video)


The artist raised Cyrine Abdel Nour The controversy in her last appearance in one of the artistic events in Dubai, and the Trend of Saudi Arabia was occupied, because of two things, the first, her kissing to her husband, and the second, a lukewarm peace collected by the star Tim Al-Hassan and described by the leaders of social networking sites by ignoring. Romantic moments on the festive red carpet.

Social media pioneers also shared a video clip of the artist, Tim Hassan, who passes by Sirin Abdel Nour, without being greeted by her, until he called him and she grabbed the matter.

Sirine Abdel Nour, one of the Lebanese stars, who succeeded at the level of drama and cinema, or at the level of singing, where the movie “Ramadan Mabrouk Abu Al-Alamein Hammouda” contributed to the knowledge of the Egyptian audience.

Sirine recently published pictures in which the bit “New Look” changed completely from her shape, as she appeared through her account on “Instagram” with very short hair, while some see that she is wearing only “wig”.

The latest work of Sirine Abdel Nour, “Al-Diva” series, starring Saudi star Yaqoub Al-Farhan and singer Bossi, Saudi informant Mahira Abdel Aziz, Wissam Fares, and a large number of Arab actors.

The series consists of 8 episodes, and each episode does not exceed 10 minutes, as the work presents the scenes of the lives and movements of the artists through his “Hadith” that includes suspense and excitement.


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