A leak of a document of the murdered man in the house of Nancy Ajram puts his family in an embarrassing position in front of public opinion


After the television interventions made by the mother of the young Mohammed Al-Mousa and her assertion that her son was working in the villa of the actress Nancy Ajram and that he did not make any mistake in Lebanon, it was spread through social media, a document carrying the dead person’s personal data, which was a turning point for a large section of sympathetic public opinion with his mother.

And it appears in the document on the murdered, which is his residency card in Lebanon, which had ended since September of last year, which will be taken into account by the judiciary and will be an additional point in the interest of Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem.

This information caused a sensation among the followers on the communication sites and was widely circulated, considering that the break of the young man for his residence is contrary to Lebanese law and therefore his presence on Lebanese territory is illegal, especially since the Lebanese state has put new restrictions on renewing the temporary residence of Syrians in Lebanon, and therefore it is almost It is impossible for Al-Hashem to allow the dead man to work in his home because he was not entitled to a parallel in Lebanon.

Many people considered that this document put the Sha family in an embarrassing position because it denies what it claims throughout the past week, pointing to the issue that has become closer to blackmail and the exploitation of the incident because of the name of a well-known artist.


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