A leaked call to Nancy Ajram’s guard reveals the details of her villa dead


The pioneers of the popular video site YouTube circulated a leaked call attributed to the artist’s guard Nancy Ajram It reveals many details of the incident of the killing of Mohamed Al-Mousa with her elephant. The guard revealed in the leaked call, which we could not verify the authenticity, that Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the artist’s husband Nancy Ajram He was in the state of disorientation, as he was “drunk”, and he killed Muhammad al-Musa using two pistols, not one pistol, as was reported.

Guard added Nancy Saying: What the victim, Muhammad Al-Musa, was subjected to was a reprisal, not as it was said that he entered the villa as a thief.

Keeper pointed out Nancy Ajram Saying that what is said about the dead man’s clothes was changed, as he was wearing white clothes in part of the video, and at other times black, this is a waste of time, indicating that the perpetrator was two people, Nancy Ajram’s husband and another person who is his cousin and the video is all forged .

Mention that the artist Nancy Ajram She lives in a state of instability after her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, killed a masked Syrian youth inside their house.

Investigations are still ongoing to find out the identity of the dead man, the reason for his presence in the villa, and whether he actually stole, as Fadi said, or was he working for Nancy Ajram, as some have said.


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