A leaked document increases the mystery about the murder of Villa Nancy Ajram


A large number of social media activists circulated a photo of the personal document of the Syrian youth Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, who was killed in the villa of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, by the bullets of her husband Fadi Al-Hashem. The leaked personal document of Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, which he was carrying, revealed that it had ended since September 5, 2019, 4 months ago, which prompted many to question how the young man worked at Nancy Ajram’s villa, according to what his family said, at the time his identity expired In Lebanon, he has no right to work after this date.

On the other hand, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai held a press interview with Gabi Germanos, lawyer for the husband of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram (Fadi Al-Hashem), regarding the issue of the killing of the Syrian youth, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, in their villa in the capital Beirut, and the last questions raised in this regard.

In his interview, Germanus answered the reason for firing 16 bullets towards the Syrian youth, saying that Nancy Ajram’s husband (Fadi Al-Hashem) is not a military expert, justifying that his client was exposed to a nervous condition because of the situation, and anyone in his place would do so even if he had 100 shot.

The lawyer for Nancy Ajram’s husband pointed out that the pistol used in the incident was a type of “Glock”, denying that there was more than one person who had shot the Syrian youth, and confirmed that Fadi Al-Hashem was the only one who fired the shot, and due to the proximity of the distance between him and the dead young man the bullets penetrated His body, and it appeared as if another person had shot from the other side.

On Nancy Ajram’s alleged injury due to shrapnel, the lawyer said that the artist made her statements in investigations and the forensic doctor revealed the injury, and about what is said to be that these bullets do not issue fragments, the lawyer replied that this matter is still under investigation and cannot be revealed during the current time.

On the other hand, the Lebanese forensic medicine issued its report in the case of the murder of the Syrian youth, Muhammad Hassan Al-Mousa, by Fadi Al-Hashem – the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram.

The pathologist said that the Syrian young man received 18 bullets in his body that were as follows: one shot in the right forearm, two shots in the left shoulder, one shot under the left armpit, 3 shots in the chest, two shots in the abdomen, 7 shots in the back of the body and on the back, And a left thigh shot.

Evidence in the report indicated that there was a suspicion that another person had contributed to the killing of the Syrian youth, as there was one person hitting the fire from the front and another from the back.

The Lebanese judiciary had released Fadi Al-Hashem (Nancy Ajram’s husband) in the case of killing the Syrian young man, Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, inside his villa, and Nancy and her husband justified the killing of this young man, because he had infiltrated the villa to steal its contents and attacked the girls ’room.

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