A mental health expert warns of three things that threaten marital life


Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed, Professor of Mental Health, Behavior and Humanity, emphasized that there are three things that threaten the survival of the family, and the spouses must be careful not to deal with these and reveal their secrets, so that this does not destroy the family entity, and the biggest loser is always innocent children.

“Mr.”, during his meeting with the program “Hour with Nepal” broadcast on the “Health and Beauty” channel, that the first thing is the couple’s friends constantly interfering in marital problems, and the details of the problems are listed in front of them, and this is a great danger to the family, it should not be known One about the couple’s problems.He emphasized that the second matter is the intervention of the father and mother, who contribute to the demolition of the house, by revealing the wife’s secrets of her house and distorting the image of her husband, especially in the first period of marriage.

The mental health expert continued, that the third things that cause the demolition of the family are relatives, whether on the side of the wife or husband, so the spouses must understand that the problems should not go out of the house, especially for relatives because they usually exaggerate things, and cause the house to be demolished In full.


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