A military expert reveals the significance of the use of live ammunition in the “Qadir” maneuver


10:52 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Major General Pilot Hisham Al-Halabi, Advisor to Nasser Military Academy, said that the emergence of modern armament obtained by the Egyptian armed forces during the past years in the “Qadir 2020” maneuver proves that the Egyptian fighter has the ability to absorb modern armament with advanced high technology, at a time Short.

In a statement to Masrawy, on Tuesday, he added that the level of training of the participating forces reached a very good level, reaching the level of real operations, noting that the use of live ammunition in the maneuver indicates a very high realism in training.

Maj. Gen. Al-Halabi explained that the armed forces fully participated in the maneuver, including the main branches, umbrellas and thunderbolts, stressing that the maneuver is very large due to the presence of two indicators; the first is the participation of all weapons of the armed forces, and the second is that they were implemented on the four strategic sides.

The armed forces are implementing the final stage of the maneuver (Qadir 2020), as part of the combat training plan for the armed forces, with the participation of the newly joined weapons.

The formations and units of the armed forces from the land, sea, air and air defense forces, in addition to the special forces from the thunderbolt and umbrellas, participated in the implementation of a number of training activities that include strategic operations of the forces in all strategic directions of the state and on the Bahrain Red and Mediterranean coasts.

A number of live ammunition were also fired with various weapons from the Navy, Air Force, Air Defense Force, and Ground Forces, proving the armed forces ’ability to secure the nation’s national interests and deal with all hostilities in all strategic directions simultaneously.

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