“A mistake he wishes to erase, and thus his granddaughter changed his point of view” .. Samir’s tales


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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

Today, the great artist Samir Ghanem celebrates his eighty-third birthday, as Ghanem was born on January 15, 1937, in Assiut, to a father who works as a police brigade called Youssef Ghanem. He joined the Police College, but he left it and joined the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, then he met George their master and guest Ahmed, and they were together The famous (Tri-stage lights) band.

The group disintegrated after the death of guest Ahmed in 1970, and went with George Sidhom to act together in several plays, the most famous of them (married), and the last theatrical work of both of them was a play (Hello Doctor). In the eighties of the twentieth century, his star shone in the sky of Fawazeer, and he presented a series of Fawazeer Ramadan, under the name Fawazeer Fattuta, in which he presented my characters (Samura) and (Fattuta).

In this report, we monitor the stories of Samir Ghanem:

His relationship with his granddaughter

Artist Samir Ghanem said, in the program “Coffee Ashraf”, that he loves children, noting that the children were closely related to the personality of Fatota, explaining that he was closely related to his granddaughter, “Kela”, a worldly daughter, explaining that she is tactful and always overcame her questions.

Samir Ghanem added that he did not believe in the saying, “The dearest of the boy, the boy was born,” until he lived with “Kela” and knew that it was true.

Samir Ghanem interview

A small movie tale on love

The artist Samir Ghanem revealed the scenes of his experience in the movie “A Small on Love”, and said that he was starring in a play with Fayez Halawa and Greeting Carioca in Alexandria, and director Niyazi Mustafa told him to nominate him in the movie “A Small on Love”, noting that Niazi Mustafa was a terrifying director and was Hearing his name is horror for the actors.

He continued that he was showing the play, and then he would take the press train from Alexandria to Cairo to shoot the movie, indicating that he had no difficulty in traveling with Rushdi Abaza, who he said was better than he worked with him.

His trouble due to shortness
The artist Samir Ghanem, in more than one television interview, told that he suffered because of the Qasari character he presented in Fawazir, as Qasari was suffering from “around” in his eyes, so Samir Ghanem was forced, around his eyes, while presenting the Qasari character, which affected his eyes for a while, He explained that Al-Qasari was one of the greatest artists of his time, and that he suffered at the end of his life from poverty until he died penniless.

World magazine cover
Samir Ghanem issued the cover of the November 2019 issue of the Arabic magazine “Vogue”, with Brazilian model Adriana Lima, where the magazine raised in its new issue the slogan “Let’s bring fun into the world of fashion.”

The artist, Samir Ghanem, during a telephone conversation with the “Everyday” program, revealed behind the scenes issued by the cover of the magazine, saying: “By God, de Arzak, the magazine contacted my daughter Donia, and they asked me to go to Paris, but I objected and asked them to come to Egypt.” “I go to Paris, I waste my time in Tire, and I was not expecting that the magazine was in this way. When Egypt was overwhelmed, I was surprised that they were at the top of the barn and the taste, and I imagined with Brazilian Adriana.”

The star of the comedy added: “The magazine was focusing on my clothes and accessories that I wore on the stage, and the suit of Fatota and his boots, and the one who met his meal; the baby and the boot, and the girlhood kept her singing and saying Fatota, and the thin and imminent, and is said to be the tallest one in the world.”

Samir Ghanem every day

A mistake he wishes to erase from his history
The artist, Samir Ghanem, said that the mistake that he wants to erase from his history is when someone nominated him for any work of art, against a certain percentage, explaining that it is usually very widespread in the artistic community.

Ghanem added, during his meeting with the program “Sheikh Al-Hara”, with the media Basma Wahba, on the Cairo satellite channel and the people, that he had to accept this situation, because of the good role that he was running for, and it is a mistake if time comes back he will not repeat it.


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