A movie that caused the screen lady to be called Faten Hamama. Get to know him


Many titles for the great artist Faten Hamama Today’s anniversary commemorates her passing, the most prominent of which is “Lady of the Screen”, in which the accounts differed about the reason for his launch on her, the first narration says that critics who gave this title to the star Faten Hamama after the presentation of the movie “Mawd with Life.” The other novel returns the title to the editor of “Al-Mawd” newspaper. The late Mohamed Badi Srabih, when he conducted a referendum and won by Faten Hamama, then said Srabih, who gives her the award: I, in the name of the readers of the “appointment” in the Arab world, give you this cup, declaring that the cinema audience is crowning you with a lady for the Arab screen, and since that time Faten Hamamas name is only mentioned and preceded by The title of Our Lady of the Arab Screen.

The movie “A date with life” revolves around “Amal”, the kind girl with whom she lives at home, her friend Fatima, who loves Dr. Mamdouh, and Amal loves her, Engineer Ahmed, and one day she will listen to Amal’s conversation with Dr. Mamdouh with her father, who learned from her that her health condition is very serious and sets hopes for a plan To keep her lover away from her, lest he be shocked after her death.

“A date with life” is the first cinematic work that collected Faten Hamama in Shadia and one of the nice novels in the scenes of the film, or Faten Hamama was refusing to participate in the famous lyrical duet “Allo Alo We Are Here” because of her fear of going into the singing experience for the first time, but Shadia used her intelligence in Convincing her close friend to share her singing. Initially, Shadia memorized the entire lyrics of the song and then started singing it several times in front of Faten in a comic manner until she managed indirectly to make her memorize the melody, and repeated it with her automatically and without fear. When Munir Murad, the composer of the song started working sessions with Faten, he was surprised with memorizing it Tune in full wpm An inventory of her entering the studio sang Faten spontaneously and lightly.


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